Alghero, al centro della Riviera del Corallo

The birth of Alghero town had been in the first half of XI century thanks to the genoese powerful Doria family.

The fortified town due to its favourable geographical position was assaulted repeatedly by Pisa and Aragona's ships. In 1354 Pietro VI of Aragona who repopulated the town with catalan people conquered Alghero. The domination of the town by first Catalan and Aragona people and then by spanish ones lasted four centuries.

Alghero still in thiese days preserves several marks from this domination. It is possible to see them in the architecture of the churches and of the buildings, in the whole system of fortification but most of all, it is interesting to realise about the preservation of the Catalan speech. If you walk trough the narrow characteristic lanes of the historical town centre or along the wall, which surrounds all the old part of the town, you will be brought back trough time and you will be able to enjoy tastes and colours which it is difficult to discover in other places.

How to get here

Alghero airport is about 10 km from the city center, the airport and connected to Alghero with a taxi service, the cost is about 20 -25 Euro per ride, and a shuttle service (bus ALFA) that provides daily connecting downtown to the airport cost 1.00 Euro.

Taxi Service: The taxi stand is in front of the arrival side of the terminal, Alghero is also available 24 hours a switchboard 24:
Telephone numbers of radio taxis are Alghero: +39 079 9892028 +39 079 975396

Shuttle service (Bus ALFA) Daily Airport - City Centre City Alghero to Alghero Airport 
Tickets:Tickets cost € 1.00 one-way e-ticketing ARST is located in the arrivals area, next to the bar-tobaccos

Route and stops:
Departure from Aeroporto (Terminal) - S.P. 44 Tangenziale Ponte Calic - Fertilia Piazza Venezia Giulia - Viale Burruni, S.S. 127 bis - Ponte Calic -Via Don Minzioni - Via Garibaldi Porta Terra Via Vittorio Emanuele - via Cagliari n. 2 (Bar Casa del Caffé). 

Departure from Alghero: 

Route and stops:
Departure - via Cagliari n. 2 (Bar Casa del Caffé) - Via Garibaldi (fronte Quarté Sayal) - Via Don Minzoni - Viale Burruni S.S. 127 bis - Ponte Calic Fertilia Piazza Venezia Giulia S.S. 291 Variante Calic S.P. 44 Aeroporto (Capolinea)

Tickets: Tickets cost € 1.00 one-way ticket away ang Catalonia. Via Cagliari in the public gardens "Giuseppe Manno" or Tobacco - Newsagents


Rental cars:
Maggiore +39-079935045
Ruvioli +39-079935125 
Nolauto Alghero +39-079953047 fax +39- 079984594 
Sardinya +39-079935060 
Hrifty +39-079935167 - fax 079935188 
Pinna-Travelcar +39-079935130 - fax +39-079935223

Alghero Urban Transport:
Linea AF: Alghero - Fertilia -Alghero -Ospedale Marino - Alghero
Linea AP: Alghero - La Pietraia - Alghero
Linea AO: Alghero - Ospedale Marino - Alghero
Linea AC: Alghero - il Carmine - Alghero
Linea ALFA: Alghero Aeroporto (terminal) aeroporto Alghero

Terminal bus:

In Alghero the bus terminal, is located in Catalonia away ang. Via Cagliari at the public gardens "Giuseppe Manno" Phone 079. 950 179 toll free: 800 865042
Departure from Alghero to: Porto Conte- Capo Caccia (Grotte di Nettuno )- Bosa -Villanova Monteleone - Puttifigari - Romana - Ittiri- Uri- Sella e Mosca- Porto Ferro - Villasunta - Sassari - Maristella - Porto Torres - Thiesi - Mores - Bonorva- Macomer - Abbasanta

Train Station
Station F. D. S. Ferrovie della Sardegna Alghero, via Don Minzioni (Petraia area) Phone 079. 950 785 toll free: 848-888 088

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